Aircraft Sun Screens

Reduce cockpit temperature by over 66 Degrees!

Temperatures have been measured in unprotected aircraft cockpits of  180°F and higher and most avionics fail in the 120°-130° temperature range. Therefore, it's foolish not to go with the best in solar heat protection.

Special Protective Edging
Each Sun Screen is finished with a durable stitched nylon edging for durability and ease of installation.

Convenient Removal & Storage Straps
An elastic strap is provided on each Sun Screen to aid in its removal. An additional strap holds the rolled screens in place for secure storage in a Custom Nylon Bag supplied with each set.

Easy Mount, Perfect Fit
Custom fabricated for your specific aircraft, SUN-FOIL Sun Screens fit snugly, held in place by a friction fit and suction cups. They are fully finished and ready to install and on the inside of each screen is a window placement sticker.

Constructed from a space-age thermal pocket insulated sheeting sandwiched between high-grade aluminum foil, SUN-FOIL Sun Screens keep cockpits substantially cooler while affording maximum interior protection and comfort for both pilots and passengers alike.

The Advantages of SunFoil Aircraft Sun Screens:

  • Safeguard your expensive aircraft and avionics against damaging heat.

  • Reflect 97% of radiant heat.

  • Blocks the damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays.

  • Prevents cracking and discoloration of interiors.

  • Secures the avionics panel from prying eyes.

  • Keeps the cockpit cooler.

  • Available in full and cockpit sets.

*Poly-Guard coated on both sides for the ultimate anti-scratch protection during installation or removal. The Sun Screens are backed by a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee.

Poly-Guard Protection Leads The Way
SUN-FOIL Sun Screens are Poly-Guard coated on both sides for the ultimate anti-scratch protection during installation or removal. Gold Mylar™ laminate is also available as an option to make Sun Screens even more durable.
*Mylar is the standard finish on all Turboprops, Business Jets, Commercial Aircraft and Helicopters.

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